Founder Confesses he came to Shark Tank India only to clear the inventory

In the latest season of Shark Tank India, an entrepreneur who turned down Sharks’ offer, on LinkedIn confessed that came to Shark Tank not for fund raise but to clear his perishable inventory.


Founder of B. Tech Chaiwala Ramakant Mishra came on Shark Tank India season 2 to secure an investment for his tea stall company. His pitch has gone viral on social media as sharks and viewers discovered a “true” entrepreneurial spirit in him. However, he denied all the offers being made by sharks and later through his clarified he doesn’t need any funds and doesn’t wish to liquidate his equity since he’s making more money than any of his engineer friends.


Ramakant Mishra also served the tea to the sharks and later sent bill to the show’s director with a message that read “there’s nothing like free lunch, or free tea

Speaking to The Fauxy, Mishra said “I have seen the trend that who ever come to shark tank witnesses higher sale except the sharks, so I also decided to come to the show to clear my perishable inventory, ginger and milk.


Reportedly, within 12 minutes of airing the episode over 100 people queued up at the tea stall of Ramakant Mishra who closed the shop 3 hours earlier that day.


Ramakant Mishra gave a beautiful advice to all the young entrepreneurs “do what you love because if you fail you can always sell tea



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