Elon Musk Smokes Weed; Generates More Smoke Than All Tesla Cars Combined.

Holy smokes! Business magnate, investor and engineer, Elon Musk was seen smoking marijuana mixed with tobacco during a podcast with comedian Joe Rogan in California. In their conversation, Musk spoke about various topics such as space, the universe, artificial intelligence and electric cars. While talking about electric cars, Elon Musk emphasised the “no smoke” feature of his electric cars and simultaneously took a puff of weed to demonstrate that one puff of it generates far more smoke than all his Tesla cars combined.

“There is no smoke without a fire you see” said Elon Musk.

“I am not a regular smoker of marijuana. I had no idea that I could reach space so easily! Had I known earlier, I wouldn’t have invested so much on Space X,” added Musk. Although Musk smoked only to explain the benefits of his electric cars, his fans, followers and especially Tesla stock prices are quite devastated by the incident.

However, millennials who used to previously find Musk insane have now become his fans overnight. “He smokes marijuana, he must be very profound. I am deeply saddened that I previously considered him useless. I am his fan for life now!” said a teenager who previously despised Elon.

It is expected that the entire world, especially Tesla investors are going to spend their weekend overthinking the billionaire’s puff.

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