Bollywood raises concern over SRK’s deep fake in Dunki and Archies

Big News is coming in from Bollywood where several bollywood celebrities have raised concern over SRK’s deepfake in recently released Archies and soon to be released Dunki.

Reportedly, many people believe that it was SRK’s deepfake in Archies and not Suhana herself. However, the Archies director told The Fauxy, “that it wasn’t SRK’s deep fake but Suhana herself who was looking more Shahrukh than Shahrukh himself”.

In Dunki, SRK was made to look young through AI and Makeup and SRK was looking like his own deep fake.

Speaking to The Fauxy , “a Bollywood director said we try to get stars in movies but if we can’t afford them we still get those stars through deep fake”.

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