Zomato Delivery Boy Hired By Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India

Zomato Delivery Boy Hired By Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India

Zomato, which is one of the most popular online food delivery companies, was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. A video footage that went viral on social media had a food delivery boy in Zomato eating out from packaged food containers. He was later fired and the internet gave mixed reactions to the incident.

Where several users trolled Zomato, at the same time some users showed sympathy for the delivery boy who was allegedly hungry. However, a few became fans of Zomato after the incident, since it meant something different to them altogether. They were impressed by the company’s superior service of tasting the food before serving it.

The delivery boy who lost his job has now been hired by government’s FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India, department. The delivery boy is currently under training department, where he’ll be training approximately 500 youngsters the art and etiquette of serving food. This shall involve checking the item’s temperature, the seasoning, ingredients etc. before serving it.

Speaking to The Fauxy, FSSAI head said “Look the intent is more important in everything you do. When we interviewed him we realised that he never intended to eat the food but to check its quality. It’s important for us since we don’t have any machine or technology to verify the tasty food. Hence, we hired him.”

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