With the return of RJD in Bihar, Maruti Announces Re-launch Of Omni

Amid allegations by BJP of ‘Jungle Raj’ (lawlessness) returning to Bihar, cases of loot, extortion, rape, murder and jailbreak have been reported in a single day from in and around Patna and adjoining districts.


A case of kidnapping was reported from Patna’s Kankarbagh, an incident of robbery was reported from Income Tax roundabout of the city on the same day a cases of extortion, rape, murder and jailbreak were reported from nearby towns.


Calling it an Aapda me Awsar (blessing in disguise), the Indian automobile giant Maruti has announced relaunch of its most controversial four wheeler Omni. Reportedly, one of the most profit making businesses during RJD’s era was kidnapping and ransom and the biggest enabler of kidnapping and ramsom has been Maruti Omni.


Speaking to The Fauxy, the Maruti Bihar Unit Head said “The newly launched Omni will have additional feature with automatic gate openings sensor which will sense the cash amount. The car will be GPS enabled which direct the driver to nearest businessman’s house“. The company is also considering posting QR code on the backside of the Omni for people who want anticipatory safety from kidnapping.

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