Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock is an Example of How Hinduism Makes One Violent | Writes Rana Ayyub

Will Smith punching Chris Rock at Oscars 2022 after he joked about his wife, Jada Pinkett, has gone viral now. However, it’s not very surprising if you have seen old pictures of Will Smith. Will Smith was expected to go violent sooner or later.


Ppinion columnist with The Washington Post, Rana Ayyub has called Will Smith slapping Chris Rock an act of Hindutva Terror, Hindu Violence and Hindu Extremism. Citing old pictures of Will Smith where he can be seen following the Hindu rituals.


Reportedly, Hollywood star Will Smith visited Haridwar, Hindus’ sacred place and he claimed that his trip to India awakened a new understanding of himself and the world around him.


Speaking to The Fauxy International, Rana Ayyub said that she has been screaming about Saffron and Hindu Terror from past ten year but people aren’t ready to acknowledge it. Rana Ayyub is also seeking donation for Chris Rock who was slapped by the Hindu Will Smith for just a joke. “How intolerant these Hindus are?” shouted Rana Ayyub.

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