“We Change Repo Rate Only To Get Jobless People To Talk Like Economists”: RBI Official

In a classified conversation with The Fauxy, one of the top RBI officials revealed that the Central Banking Institution changes the Repo and Reverse Repo Rate only to get jobless people to talk like economists. “You must have noticed that RBI changes these rates by a mere 25bps maximum and it becomes a top headline, however, you’ll not even see the slightest change in anyone’s life” explained the official.

It has been learned that people who aspire to become financial experts by just investing 2000 rupees in the share market, often talk the most about these petty changes in bank rates. While the opposition alleges that lack of jobs is one of the biggest problems of the country, ironically enough half of the population speaks like economic experts. How and when did this disparity crop up?

A qualified (and real) economist clarified: “The new millennial generation in order to sound profound (or to mostly get laid) rely on dubious BuzzFeed articles and brag about it on social media. These are the same people who have tremendously short attention spans and take coffee breaks even after reading 280 characters at the most. Many of them even got severe panic attacks when Twitter, the famous social media platform, increased its character limit from 140 to 280. We are with Rahul Gandhi on this one and feel that it would be far better if jobless people in our country joined ISIS instead.”

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