Vivek Agnihotri and Wife Pallavi Joshi Have A Verbal Spat, She Calls Him An Urban Naxal

Vivek Agnihotri, the Bollywood filmmaker and author, known for infamously coining the term ‘Urban Naxal,’ has landed up in yet another controversy. As per industry insiders, Vivek Agnihotri and his wife Pallavi Joshi were recently spotted having a lovers spat in a posh New Delhi restaurant.

A couple’s quarrel that started out about what to order for lunch culminated into an ugly tiff which reached to the level where Vivek and Pallavi started calling each other names. Things got heated up when wife Pallavi Joshi called Vivek an Urban Naxal.

Urban Naxals are the people who while being in an active society collude with the Naxal and Maoist forces in the rural areas, and support their activities either by funding them or helping them by spreading their message to a wider population base in the cities.

However, not even in his wildest dreams did Vivek imagine that this very word could someday boomerang and come back to bite him.

As per sources, Vivek wanted to order Chinese while Pallavi wanted to order Indian food. After a heated debate, when the couple could not reach to a consensus, Pallavi lost her temper and called Vivek an Urban Naxal. Detailed report awaited.

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