US To Ease Its Visa Policy For India As US Companies Run Out Of CEOs

Nov 30, 2021
Today morning, all the airline stocks started soaring because US announced to ease it’s Visa policy for Indians as US companies are running out of CEO’s.

This news came just after the news of Parag Agrawal becoming the next CEO of Twitter. Some insider sources told us that US companies are so much in love with Indians and want only them to become CEO’s that some of the Tech employees were rejected the post of CEO just because they were not brown enough. The prices of tanning services offered by salons are sky rocketing after this news. Meanwhile, US Government is in talks with Government of India and IIT Bombay to build a small airport in IIT Bombay campus for air to air connectivity between IIT Bombay and Palo Alto (a city in San Fransisco Bay Area, California). Some US Tech giants are even registering on Naukri dot com to fill the vacancy for the post of CEO.

IIT’s have clarified that if this trend continue then they will think about shifting few of the recently opened IIT’s to US so that even those Indians who are abroad can get good education in cheap cost and can become CEO’s in future.

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