Unknown girl’s DM won’t help you in your mental health, a good psychiatrist will do: study results

While mental health is still stigmatized in a society like ours, it is important that we address the elephant in the room —anxiety, stress, depression, paranoia that has been on a significant rise. But we are still not sure about the means of tackling depression. Most boys still think that just talking to a girl in DM will help them come out of depression. This happened after many Bollywood actors urged people to talk to someone about their feelings.

The boys thought that just messaging a girl and waiting for her reply will cure depression. But that is not the case as the latest study has found. The study has found that a good psychiatrist can help you deal with depression. Many in India are not aware of what psychiatrist do, they just think a psychiatrist carries a pendulum and plans some kind of a game with you.

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