Trying to average out his shares, man ends up buying the company

Big news is coming in from Mumbai where a retail investor, Ramesh Dhawan became the owner of the Adani Power as he kept buying more and more Adani Power shares to average out the shares.

Reportedly, Ramesh Dhawan bought 1000 shares every-time Adani Power fell by over 5% and now Ramesh Dhawan has a maximum number of shares, even more than Adani himself.

Ramesh Dhawan has more than 52% company’s equity. Speaking to The Fauxy, Ramesh Dhawan said “I don’t even know what company does, I just see the charts and trends and buy the shares, but now when I am the owner of the company, I’ll decide what kind of power the company will produce. It could be political power too“

This isn’t a standalone case of investors going crazy for their favourite company shares, earlier, a man bought the share of the Pharma company instead of buying the medicines and later succumbed to his investments.

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