Survey Suggests That Over 95% Youth Suffer From Depression If They Don’t Find Drug Dealer Of Their Choice

Eight rejected students of Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley came together to conduct a survey to find out the real reason behind the increasing depression in youth. Survey involved over 500 youth from posh-background, ensuring money isn’t the reason behind their depression, and asked them to fill a questionnaire which had 5 objective question and 2 subjective questions.

While 300 youth couldn’t even write their name properly, 200 youth wrote how drugs help them overcome depression. All the 500 youth agreed on one thing that how getting a right drug dealer can help them cure their depression.

The survey establishes that more than personal and professional lives of youth its the right contact of drug dealers that helps them cure depression.

One of the students who analysed the survey told The Fauxy “Repeat after me, Drug Dealers cure depression”

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