Surgical Strike Was An Inside Job: Revealed #ParakramDiwas

surgical strike parakram diwas

On 29 September 2016, the Indian Army conducted a surgical strike against militants in an area of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Two years after the incident, when the government has decided to celebrate the second anniversary of Surgical Strike, calling it Parakram Diwas, it has been revealed that Surgical Strike was purely an inside job.

Former spy and ex-investigating officer at RAW, Nitin Gokhale, has backed the conspiracy theory that Surgical Strike was an Inside job, saying that the entire planning of the surgical strike happened in India. He pointed out that the Army was of India and the place where the strike was conducted was PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir), which will sooner or later become a part of India, hence it can be interpreted that Surgical Strike was indeed an inside job.

“I am totally shocked. It was an inside job and I have been ashamed in front of the entire world because my army, just like my cricket team, is good for nothing,” said Imran Khan, PM Pakistan, and started crying inconsolably.

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