Sunanda Pushkar case files wash out in Kerala Floods, Swamy cries foul.

In what people are calling the most devastating disaster in the history of Kerala (besides incumbent MP Mr Shashi Tharoor), massive rains have unleashed peril in God’s own country. While leaders like Narendra Modi are on a visit to take stock of the situation and stand beside Keralites in this grievous hour, others are believed to have arrived on the spot only to “wash their sins.”

As the situation is getting out of control and things are swelling in size (pun intended), Congress’ MP Shashi Tharoor, has flown down to Kerala too. In a parallel news, Delhi Police reported some files relating to the Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case went ‘missing’ overnight, just prior to Tharoor’s trip.

Tharoor who is presently in his constituency Thiruvananthapuram kept tweeting pictures about his visit to the evacuation areas, but what caught our eyes is beyond belief.

In pictures shared earlier, the photographer captured moments where he was hiding something in his hands, which were always kept out of sight – either behind or inside his pockets.

In other pics, the photographer seemed to have deliberately cropped the hands out of the images, thus attempting to leave no trail behind whatsoever.

What further confirms our suspicions is that immediately after people started pointing out the mischief in the pictures, Tharoor at once started overcompensating and posted pictures where his hands could be seen rather conspicuously.

A security guard of the hotel confirmed that Tharoor was earlier spotted carrying a rather suspicious bundle of papers with him. If Subramanian Swamy is to be believed, those papers contained evidence linking Tharoor to Sunanda Pushkar’s case.

“Why did he go there? What were those papers in his hand? What was the purpose of his visit to a flood prone area? Not to help the victims definitely!

It is not a coincidence that it is his constituency that is struck with floods. This is a gross abuse of power. He was there to do ‘Visarjan’ of proof. He has tampered with evidence in the past too. But I won’t quit until he is behind bars!” Swamy was quoted saying in an interview.

This is not the first time that a politician has misused a calamity to cover up their deeds. It is believed that ex-Congress President Sonia Gandhi had previously smuggled files pertaining to the National Herald case into Nepal during the infamous Nepal Earthquake, to literally ‘bury’ her sins under the disaster’s rubble.

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