Starbucks launches first ever ‘Smell Only Coffee’ in Pakistan to tackle inflation

Big news is coming in from Pakistan, where  a day after Subway launched 3 inch Sub Sandwich, the leading coffee chain Starbucks has launched “smell only coffee” to tackle inflation in the country.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told The Fauxy that “the Smell Only Coffee provides ‘value’ to Pakistani customers who can’t afford to consume Coffee. The Smell Only Coffee will cost PKR10 for every breath. However, the leading coffee chain will provide water to drink while smelling the coffee”.

Reportedly, the decision was taken after hundreds of Pakistani gathered outside Starbucks only to see the Coffee. 

The Fauxy sources suggest that many other brands are coming up with new products for Pakistanis to tackle inflation. While Dominos is coming with “Only Oregano No Pizza”, McDonalds is coming with “Not So Happy meal” that will contain only three fries and one ketchup.

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