Starbucks asks man to identify as woman after staff misspells his name

Starbucks misspelling a name isn’t something new, however this time Starbucks went a little too far. Reportedly on Thursday, Starbucks gave a coffee to its customer name Arpit but misspelled his name as Arpita on the coffee cup. When Arpit objected, the Starbucks asked Arpit to identify as woman Arpita.

Starbucks, who has recently launched a new campaign about inclusion, wants people to be gender fluid. When Arpit refused to identify himself as woman, the other customers at Starbucks called him misogynist and anti-LGBTQ+ and demanded him to be banned from Starbucks.

Speaking to The Fauxy, Arpit who is now Arpita said, “Their misspell is costing me dearly, it’s 80,000 for gender change surgery but anything for Starbucks“.

Starbucks on the other hand called it a welcome change and also announced that Starbucks is soon adding pronouns to the customers’ name in their Starbucks coffee.

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