SC likely to auction Ayodhya’s disputed land, Mukesh Ambani to bid.

The famous political, historical and socio-religious debate is likely to end soon. The long-disputed land of Ayodhya will finally have an owner. After years and years of mindless quarrels among religious parties, the Ayodhya debate is finally getting solved and that too fairly amicably. Quite anti-climatic, right?

Sources say that the Supreme Court is going to auction the disputed land of Ayodhya and the money earned through this auction might be utilized for revamping the Supreme Court and other courts of the country.

Whether there will be Ram Mandir or a Babri Masjid at the spot, is still a mystery. However, observing the support extended by big business tycoons to PM Modi, it is not very difficult to guess the destiny of the disputed land.

Mukesh Ambani, the current richest Indian, has shown his willingness to bid at the aforementioned auction. However, he hasn’t disclosed about his intentions and there is high speculation on what he’s going to build there.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar appealed to a certain special community to withdraw their claim over the Ayodhya land, pointing out that if the Ram Mandir issue is not solved, India will soon turn into Syria. This particular comment seems to have caught the attention of certain cults within JNU, who are hell-bent on forming the next ISIS in our nation. As a result, a group of over-age students from JNU were spotted chanting “Ambani tere tukde honge” in front of Ambani’s place of residence, Antilia.

Sources also say that SC has summoned CM Arvind Kejriwal to know if he’s willing to bid. Arvind Kejriwal has submitted his response to SC stating “Arre hum to chote aadmi hain ji, hamari kya aukaat!”

After recording his statement, SC has allegedly sought another confirmation letter from Kejriwal saying, “Haan isiliye poocha! Aap likhit confirmation submit kare. Baad me mat bolna ki Ambani ko de diya!”

Political experts and psephologists believe that verdict of Ayodhya dispute would play an important role in 2019 general elections and that’s why the ruling party wants to conclude it before the General Elections, whereas opposition is trying to defer it as much as they can.

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