Sardar Patel’s Statue Will Reduce The Rotational Velocity Of The Earth

Sardar Patel's Statue Will Reduce The Rotational Velocity Of The Earth

Honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi today inaugurated Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s statue, known as the Statue of Unity, in the Narmada district of Gujarat. It is the world’s tallest statue at 182 meters and is expected to be a major tourist destination in Gujarat.

The statue is already drawing a lot of criticism as several people are pointing out that the same amount of money that went into making the statue could have been instead utilised for developing infrastructure and creating jobs. Amidst this controversy, people tend to have missed out on a big impact that the statue shall cause on a planetary level. Experts with Ivy League qualifications have reported that the Statue of Unity shall reduce the rotational velocity of the Earth which can be proven scientifically.

In-house experts from TheFauxy have managed to validate their claims as follows:

  1. Earth’s angular momentum (product of angular velocity and moment of inertia) is constant.
  2. Moment of inertia is a product of mass and radius. (The statue is keeping mass constant but increasing the radius of rotation, thus increasing the momentum of inertia).

  3. Since angular momentum is constant and moment of inertia is increased it would lead to a decrease in the rotational velocity.

Reduction in rotational velocity has its own impacts like:

  1. Longer daytime – which would mean longer working hours.
  2. Longer daytime would further mean more heat, thus increased Global Warming.

  3. Slower rotational speed would mean a lesser centrifugal force which would further mean an increase in gravitational force – hence the oceans, seas and lakes will experience a slight drop in their volume.

  4. Skyscrapers, buildings, bridges, elevators and billion other things would need to be redesigned to hold this gravity force variation.

Considering the massive impact on the Earth and the environment, a speculation that straightway crops up in the mind is that with the erection of the world’s tallest statue, the BJP government is trying to elongate a daytime’s duration in order to fulfil their election promises.

“Hum Acchhe Din nahi de sake toh kya hua? Janta ko Lambe Din toh de hi sakte hai! Ab vo apne anusaar isey Acchha banaye,” said an eminent BJP Minister.


  1. There are tall buildings of almost 1km high.. Consider Burj Kalifa and other tall buildings which are much bigger than this. They would’ve already had this impact created on earth right?

  2. You didn’t mention about the tallest skyscraper of the world Burj Khalifa. So according to you Burj Khalifa must have some positive impact to all these bullshits. So will not it compensate the effect due to the tallest statue of the proud Indian leader.


    When the earth has a diameter of more than 12K KMs and a perimeter of more than 40K KMs, a statue of height 200 m will affect the day night life cycle.

    Wah. Kya Baat.

  3. Indeed. Not only longer days, but longer nights! Given the penchant the Indians have, we can expect doubling of population even more rapidly! Europe too is growing more LAZY, now more rains, as Ocean level dips and Green House activists take a breather ( That’s true). Finally, we have more workforce as an Asshole predicted “India’s Population explosion is a boon” LiveSick Nehru?

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