Sardar Patel’s Statue Is Growing By Itself – Claim Geo-Scientists

Sardar Patel's Statue Is Growing By Itself - Claim Geo-Scientists

The recently inaugurated Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s statue, known as the Statue of Unity, in the Narmada district of Gujarat has become the new hot tourist destination in India. The world’s tallest statue which is now at 182 meters is likely to stay at the first position and most likely not face any competition in the near future even if a taller statue is built. The reason behind its undisputed glory is a scientific marvel in itself, as recently it was discovered that the statue is growing in size, all by itself.

Amidst all criticism and several naysayers questioning the need of the statue and the money spent on it, the statue is fast increasing its popularity and attracting people from all across the nation like anything. To add to this enthusiasm, a recent claim by geoscientists that the statue is growing by itself has now managed to pull people from across the globe to visit the spot.

Scientists believe that global warming is one of the possible reasons behind the bizarre phenomenon since heat is known to be the prime reason behind the melting and expansion of iron used in the statue, however they haven’t arrived to any conclusion yet.

The opposition has made it a political issue and claimed that PM Modi has installed a hydraulic plate below the statue and is now using it to increase the height of the statue thereby making Patel’s statue look artificially bigger than Nehru’s. The opposition has also demanded a CBI investigation on the issue. More information on this awaited.

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