Russian Missiles Rain Down On Ukraine As RRR Song ‘NATO NATO’ wins Oscar

On Wednesday, Russian forces bombarded scores of towns in Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly upset with the NATO song of RRR being awarded Oscar. Earlier Putin had said that he is open to negotiations, a stance Washington has dismissed as posturing because of continued Russian attacks.

Russia on Wednesday launched more than 10 rocket attacks on the Kupiansk district in the Kharkiv region, confirmed Ukraine’s top military command.

Russia’s ambassador in United States has asked to retract its decision of awarding NATO song an Oscar. Speaking to The Fauxy, Russia’s ambassador said “We don’t have problem with RRR movie winning Oscar but jury could have chosen a different song. Choosing NATO for Oscar is a deliberate attempt to provoke Russia“.

United States President, Joe Biden replied to Russia’s demand and said “The truth is lies What’s clear, and I mean this [from] the bottom of my heart, NATO NATO NATO..

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