Russia Declared Winner Of The 2022 FIFA WorldCup As Every Country Refuses To Play Against It, Giving Russia A Complete Walkover

The reverberations of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue to ripple across the sports world. Today, Polish Football Association confirmed that Poland will refuse to play Russia. The two sides are due to meet in Moscow on March 24. Earlier Sweden had refused to play against Russia. The Fauxy sources suggest that many more countries will follow the suit giving Russia a complete walkover.

Russia will be declared winner of the 2022 FIFA World-cup without a single match being played.

Russia has humbly accepted the world-cup and the russian football players are giving full credit to their President Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin scored a goal as a formality and will lift the world-cup on march 29th.

I just put in” said Vladimir Putin after scoring the formality goal.

Russia has decided to continue its invasion until next Olympics to win all the medals by getting walkovers. However, a China appears an imminent threat to Russia as China too will start invading Taiwan and has power veto in UN.


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