Roadies Makers Confess They Asked PM Modi To Repeal Farm Laws As All The Potential Contestants Were Protesting At Singhu Border

After more than 2 months, the farm laws are again in discussion as the popular show Roadies makers have confessed that they urged PM Modi to repeal the farm laws. Reportedly, Roadies makers wanted to shoot their audition for next season but witnessed very less contestants as most of the contestants were busy protesting at Singhu Border.

Speaking to The Fauxy, one of the two judges of Roadies, Raghu said our potential contestants are from Punjab and Haryana and both the states were going through farm law protest. Other states have relatively higher IQ youth and they would have made the show boring.

PM Modi was initially reluctant about repealing the farm laws but agreed when he was told that Roadies keeps youth of the country busy and as a result they don’t complain about no employment or fuel price hike.

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