Congress demands Delimitation,asks Commission to reduce seats as it doesn’t have enough leaders left anymore

Big news is coming from the state with the highest number of politicians per capita in the world, New Delhi, where in a fresh press conference, Congress has demanded delimitation.

This news shocked everyone as the Congress was against it earlier. But the party clarified that it was against increasing the number of seats, but it’s asking the Delimitation Commission to reduce it. Party leaders said that they do not even have enough leaders to fight elections on the seats given to them by the INDI alliance, which were already very few.

Actually, after 2019, big leaders have started to quit Congress at an alarming rate.Congress accused BJP of pressuring its party members to leave Congress by threatening them using central agencies.

Talking to The Fauxy, a BJP leader called these allegations baseless and took a jibe at Congress by saying, “Congress should be considered a Left party now, as all its prominent members have already left it.” He also asked why Congress members are still traveling in Fortuners and adding to the traffic problem when they can easily travel in WagonR and still have space left in the car.

Congress was originally planning to protest at Ramleela Maidan but they couldn’t fill it and are now protesting at Jantar-Mantar, asking to be officially recognized as a minority group.

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