Rape Accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal Approaches Rajkumar Hirani For An Image Makeover, He Agrees

rape accused bishop franco mulakkal rajkumar hirani

Rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal has now approached popular Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani in order to whitewash his image so that he too can stand vindicated like Sanjay Dutt. The Bishop was forced to take such a massive step only under the pressure of some good samaritans belonging to the Right-Wing ideology, who continuously highlighted the atrocities and scandals that take place behind the church walls.

On Friday, Rajkumar Hirani came out in public to accept that he had indeed tweaked the real life of Sanjay Dutt in the movie ‘Sanju’ so as to stir public’s empathy towards him and create a totally innocent image. ‘Sanju’ the movie turned out to be a big blockbuster and the biggest beneficiary of the movie happened to be Sanjay Dutt himself, who was not only getting praised but also being prayed to. Many people moved by Hirani’s work, replaced the God’s idol in their temple with Sanjay Dutt’s statue, right after watching the movie.

Observing the marvellous work of Rajkumar Hirani, Jalandhar Nun Rape Accused Bishop Mulakkal approached him and requested him to make a tweaked version of his real-life story in such a way that he looks innocent and the nuns, whom he allegedly raped multiple times, come across as prostitutes. However, Raju Hirani hasn’t reacted to the proposal yet, but he’s likely to consider it since he has been making movies that particularly showcase the Hindu religion in a bad light and other religions as far superior.

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