Rahul Gandhi’s Face Mysteriously Appears On Kailash Mansarovar Parvat

Rahul Gandhi, the President of Indian National Congress recently paid a visit to the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage. Shortly after his visit, an unexplained natural phenomenon took place wherein Rahul Gandhi’s face mysteriously popped up on the north face of Mount Kailash overnight.

Tourists and Rahul Gandhi fans were left stunned upon seeing the naturally occurring miracle, however, BJP supporters dismissed it as nothing but a fake propaganda to establish Rahul Gandhi as a Shiv bhakt. State elections for Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are around the corner and if such mysterious events keep taking place, people are likely to choose Rahul Gandhi as their leader.

After BJP refuted the false claims, Congress social media head Divya Spandana released an image that clearly showed Rahul Gandhi’s face covering the Mount Kailash. The smiling face of Rahul Gandhi is reported to have appeared on the event of Hon. PM Narendra Modi’s birthday at the same exact moment when Modi Ji was in Kashi Vishwanath, which is also known for Land Of Shiva.

Congress believes that it’s a clear sign that Lord Shiva is happy with Rahul Gandhi and his face appearing on Mount Kailash suggests that he’s going to win the 2019 General Elections, while BJP believes that it was done using a big projector.

“For me, he was Pappu till now but no, not anymore, he’s Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji for me now. Bolo Shri Rahul Gandhi Maharaj ki Jai!” said one of the Shivbhakts en route to Kailash Mansarovar.

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