Rahul Gandhi Seen Wearing ‘Namo Again’ Hoodie

Rahul Gandhi Seen Wearing 'Namo Again' Hoodie

With 2019 General Elections nearing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal mobile application the NaMo app has started selling a variety of Modi merchandise which has texts like NaMo Again, Modi 2.0, Modi Once More etc. The different kinds of merchandise include t-shirts, notebooks, pens, mugs etc.

Not only volunteers but many celebrities were seen sporting the ‘Namo Again’ hoodie, not only to support their line of ideology but also as a style statement. Recently the star campaigner of BJP, Mr Rahul Gandhi was also seen wearing the ‘Namo Again’ hoodie outside the lower house of the parliament.

rahul gandhi seen wearing 'namo again' hoodie

Sources say that one of the BJP supporters fooled Mr Gandhi into wearing the hoodie by saying that it has secret Rafale documents in its inner pockets. So with this action, Rahul Gandhi who always supported PM Modi unofficially, has come out formally in full support.

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