Rahul Gandhi Removes Sonia Gandhi From The Congress Working Committee For Promoting Dynasty Politics

Problems don’t seem to end for India’s grand old party Congress, a day after losing Lok Sabha election badly, Rahul Gandhi presented his resignation which was immediately rejected by Sonia Gandhi. It didn’t resolve all the issues within the party as the CEC (Congress Working Committee) meeting on Tuesday witnessed a lot of heated argument as the Congress President Rahul Gandhi reprimanded senior Congress leaders for focusing only on their children’s career thus promoting dynasty politics.

Before the meeting concluded, Rahul Gandhi asked Sonia Gandhi to resign and accused her of promoting dynasty politics. He also asked Priyanka Vadra to explain why she deserves such a senior position in Congress and what’s her talent apart from having a nose similar to her grandmother.

After firing Sonia Gandhi, Rahul also attacked Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan’s CM, who undertook more than 100 rallies in Jodhpur from where his son was contesting, and could not win even that.

“Even Jesus Christ had used the influence of his father, God, to become the Messiah of Mankind. And as you all know my mother is a Christain, she has an inherent bias ingrained inside her. Like I have fired her, I shall fire each and everyone even before they can spell out the word ‘nepotism’! said Rahul Gandhi to the media.

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