Putin and Zelensky Come Together To Scream – April Fool Motherfuckaas !

Russia Ukraine conflict came to a sudden and abrupt end on April 1st, Friday when chiefs of both the country, Putin President Russia and Zelensky President Ukraine came together to scream – April Fool Motherfuckaas!


The war that could have led to World War 3 was all staged. Who would believe! But Russia and NATO countries have clarified that it was all to prank over 8 billion people of the world. President Putin had Vodka and Zelensky had beer to celebrate the April Fool event.


Take a chill pill” tweeted United Nation quoting the tweet of Russian President who clarified that it was all a prank.


The prank lasted over two months and costed over $2 trillion and an Ukraine. However, things will get normal soon and supply chain of Crude oil is also likely to get restored in a day or two.


Soon after Putin and Zelensky announced that it was an April Fool Prank, people started speculating that even Covid Pandemic was also a prank and all the people who died will come out from a place only to shout April Fool !

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