Pakistan’s ISI offers its services as ‘Independent Fact Checkers, First client “The Guardian”

Pakistan’s economic crisis has hit its Intelligence Agency ISI hard. Significant funding cuts have led ISI to offer its services as ‘Independent Fact Checkers’ to generate revenue and It has already landed its first client, the British Media Group, ‘The Guardian’.

“The Guardian,’ in collaboration with ISI, recently published a report accusing the Indian Government of carrying out assassinations in Pakistan and abroad. When asked about ethical concerns related to working with an organization like ISI, infamous for having links with terrorist groups responsible for attacks worldwide, they explained that they were just following their company’s slogan: ‘Never let truth and ethics get in the way of desired Propaganda.’

An ISI insider, speaking anonymously to The Fauxy, revealed, ‘We were desperately trying to generate money as even our most valuable assets, Our Terrorist Groups, have become a liability and turned against Pakistan. But then we discovered Indian Fact-checkers and realized, just like them, we could also run anti-India propaganda while making money on the side. Thus, killing two birds with one stone.’

The Guardian’s attempt to build a narrative against the Indian government and involve the self-appointed world police, the US, and the UN, has backfired because it actually helped the ruling party, as the Indian public has long demanded these assassinations. Now, the US has launched an investigation against ‘The Guardian’ itself for helping popularize the Indian government.

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