Mukesh Ambani buys rights of the movie Radhika copied her speech from

Two days after a video juxtaposing Radhika’s speech with a clip of Susan Sarandon’s monologue from the movie “Shall We Dance?” has gone viral, Mukesh Ambani has bought the rights of the movie.

Reportedly, the businessman earlier thought of paying all the influencers to delete the video but buying the rights of the movie was costlier so he went ahead with buying the movie rights instead. 

If The Fauxy sources are to be believed, the businessman has invested a whooping Rs 1000 crores in a startup working on time machine so that he can time travel and get the movie dialogues changed. 

Speaking to The Fauxy, a person close to the businessman said “Earlier we thought of making Radhika Merchant the dialogue writer of the movie Shall We Dance but again the movie credits were already viral on social media”. 

Currently, the businessman is planning to buy all the social media platforms if not the internet. More details on this are awaited.

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