Modi Government Finds Trump’s Look-Alike After He Turns Down The Republic Day Invitation

Modi Government Finds Trump's Look-Alike After He Turns Down The Republic Day Invitation

While finalising from the options for a Chief Guest for the Republic Day parade to be held in 2019, the Modi led government at Centre resorted to a rather unconventional alternative. Right after the US President Donald Trump turned down India’s invite for Republic Day celebrations, BJP Government was rather quick to find a replacement i.e. the doppelgänger of US President Trump.

A Spanish potato farmer “Señora”, who looks exactly like Donald Trump, has been invited by the Modi Government for the 69th Republic Day celebrations.

“Senora will save us from a massive embarrassment and severe trolling as Mr Donald Trump has turned down the invitation citing a busy schedule of using Twitter all day long. The government had a very little time to decide a replacement for the Chief Guest as it’s almost impossible for any head of state to be available at such short notice, well except Pakistan of course,” said the PMO official.

Sources indicate that the Central Government knew that the chances of Trump turning up is highly unlikely and had already started looking for his look-alike since early October.

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