Man Lynched After Getting Caught Reading Chetan Bhagat On Kindle

On Wednesday, a man was lynched by a mob inside the Delhi Metro for allegedly reading one of the novels written by Chetan Bhagat on his Kindle device.

Ankit Mishra, a software engineer was, as usual, commuting to his office via metro when to his surprise he found a vacant seat. Soon after sitting down, he took out his Kindle from his carry-on and started reading Chetan Bhagat’s work. It was at that point when a mob of around 20 young boys carrying various books penned by renowned foreign authors, spotted Ankit and lynched him with the very same books.

“Reading Chetan Bhagat and that too on Kindle is both literary nonsense and literally nonsense. He should’ve known better before doing that in public. He provoked us to beat him up. We are the victims here,” said one of the boys who thrashed Ankit.

The incident took place at around 10 in the morning while the police reached the metro station 30 minutes later and took Ankit into custody for reading Chetan Bhagat.

E-commerce giant Amazon, which owns Kindle, has apologised for the incident and issued a statement saying that in order to prevent such lynching incidents, it will no longer provide Chetan Bhagat’s book on their platform.

“Kindle is considered elite people’s book and it is generally purchased by people who are voracious readers but someone who reads Chetan Bhagat can never be their target customer, and this could be the main reason why Ankit got lynched,” said one of the witnesses to the incident.

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