Man arrested for reaching naked at a gender reveal party

In a bizarre incident in Florida, a man took things too literally and showed up naked at a gender reveal party, believing it was an event for everyone to reveal their own gender. His brother, who is a gender fluid person, also arrived naked, with makeup on half of his face and a beard on the other half.

Tim Roth, a US college graduate, thought it was a party where people revealed their current genders, as everyone is changing their genders these days . The sight of him, especially in front of children, horrified everyone. The police were called immediately, and he was arrested on the spot. 

According to The Fauxy correspondent, his lawyer argued in court that the man was only guilty of being stupid, which is not a crime in the USA; otherwise, he said, “90% of US citizens would be in jail, and only immigrants would be running the country.” After this statement, he was released.

The US government has applauded India’s ban on gender reveal before birth, and currently, senators are debating whether such a ban should also be implemented in the US as incidents of people showing up naked at gender reveal parties increase.

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