Mamata Banerjee Bans Pen & Paper In West Bengal After Her Name Appears In IPS Officer’s Suicide Note

West Bengal: An ex-IPS officer has blamed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for abetting his suicide. In the suicide note, which stirred a huge controversy after its discovery, the officer has referred to the CM as ‘vindictive & revengeful.’

Mamata Banerjee is widely known for oppressing those who do not align with her political ideology. Those who escape TMC’s killings end up being at the receiving end of her torture & humiliation tactics which pushes them to either flee the state or take the extreme step. The IPS officer’s suicide is one such example.

To save face the Chief Minister called a meeting with prominent TMC goons and has decided to ban ink & paper in West Bengal until further notice. As per our sources, the ban shall continue until the final ‘Hit List’ of dissenters under Mamata Banerjee ruled West Bengal gets completed.

“See its simple. Why shut them if you can kill them? The ban on ink & paper is just a temporary measure and we assure you that the final ‘Hit List’ will be ready in a week’s time. Apologies for inconvenieces, if any,” said Derek No Brain.

This is not the first time that Mamata Banerjee has imposed a ban in the Republic of West Bengal. In the last month, the CM called for an overnight ban of black spray paint after a few locals vandalised her posters with a Hitler style moustache.

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