Mahua Moitra to replace Raghuram in Roadies

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra stoked a controversy on Tuesday when she yet again used an abusive and unparliamentary word during the ‘Motion of Thanks’ on the president’s address.

After she used the abusive words, the chairperson of the parliament mentioned that none of her words would go on record as the House will not tolerate any harsh words used by its members.

However, the abusive behaviour of Mahua Moitra turned out to be blessing in disguise for her as MTV Roadies, a reality show popular for having abusive judges, invited Mahua Moitra as judge.

We have been searching for a popular person who’s also abusive, Mahua Moitra is a natural fit and the way she abuses matches with our existing judges Raghuram and Rajiv” said MTV Roadies director.

Mahua Moitra responded to the MTV Roadies invite with unparliamentary language. She said “Bhakk.. Har@mi.. maad₹&@, TMC..

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