Karachi: Terrorist blows up his own house after Work From Home advisory due to #CoronaVirus outbreak

Due to the Coronavirus scare Pakistan government has advised against large social gatherings and asked people to practice social distancing as the coronavirus fear spreads in Pakistan. Some companies have even asked employees to work from home. One of the most risky profession in Pakistan is terrorism mostly after Modi and Trump becoming the state heads of their respective countries.

In the wake of Corona Virus outbreak, ISIS also found it sensible to follow the Pakistan government advisory and advised the terrorists do work from home for quarantine period. However, the decision didn’t go well and one of the ISIS terrorists based out of Karachi blew his own house with 18 kgs RDX.

This isn’t the isolated case where work from home has caused damage, another man from Australia who was excessively using company’s Wi-Fi didn’t realize that it’s his home Wi-Fi and ended with the bill of over 1.7 lacs Australia dollars. Do take necessary precautions and common sense while following orders and stay safe.

More such stories to follow.

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