Janhvi Kapoor forgets to remove price tag from outfit; brands suspect she returns after wearing it once

Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoor was spotted wearing a dupatta with the price tag intact at her recent outing.
In a video shared on Instagram, Janhvi was seen wearing a bright yellow salwar-suit and dupatta. She smiled and waved to the camera before walking away, towards her car. However, when she turned around, the price tag was seen attached to the dupatta.

Brands suspect that she returns the outfit after wearing once and she does it often, hence she is habituated of not removing the price tag.

“Brands don’t accept returns if the tag is removed and celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor are under pressure to not repeat their outfits, because if they do then Bollywood paparazzi Viral Bhayani will make their photos viral which will lead to embarrassment for these celebrities. hahaha” said a fashion police officer who wishes to remain anonymous.

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