ISIS confirms being hit by recession, plans major cutdown in headcount

IT giants have reportedly laid off upwards of 1000+ employees, whilst they brace for setbacks in harsh market conditions, signaling concerns of a looming global crisis.

Reportedly, the recession has arrived and all the major MNCs are going for lay off. After IT giants, Pakistan’s ISIS and Al Queda have planned for major cutdown in head-counts.

ISIS has kept a target of reduction of 500+ headcount by next financial year. Sources suggest that ISIS has also delayed its IPO launch and listing in Karachi Sensex by atleast six months.

Speaking to The Fauxy, an ISIS official in India said “Ya Allah..! Karma is hitting us back. Until now we were reducing the global headcount but now we are forced to reduce the headcount of our own organisation“.

President of United States, Joe Biden has pledged to help ISIS.. err Pakistan with $100 m for buying new ammunition to effectively reduce the head count. Details awaited.

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