Man Fills 200 Potholes To Commemorate His Dead Son; Turns Out To Be A Drunk Driving Case

Nothing can be worse than a father performing the last rites of his son, but much worse is the case of a father whose son had to die due to a pothole.

Peter, 27 died in a road accident which occurred due to a huge pothole, which caused him to lose control of his bike and hit a car cruising at the speed of 100 miles per hour.

Soon after Peter’s sad news reached his father Franco, he immediately took out his car from the garage and filled it with sand and cement and filled more than 200 potholes across the city within a say, thus sending a strong message to the authorities.

However, Franco was shattered when his son’s postmortem report suggested that he died not due to losing balance because of any pothole, but due to drinking while driving. Cops reached the site where the accident took place and also fetched CCTV footages, which show that there were absolutely no potholes in the vicinity.

Now Peter’s father Franco has filed an application demanding a full refund of all the expenses he incurred to fill the potholes but to no avail.

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