Indian govt defaults on loans to create economic collapse scenario to improve its ranking in World’s Happiness Index

India’s position in the World Happiness Report is 126, still behind its neighbouring countries such as Nepal, China, and Bangladesh. India is also behind and war-torne Ukraine and bankrupt Pakistan. Despite having the world’s fastest-growing economy, India’s ranking in the report has consistently been low, leading some to question how it can be ranked lower than countries in turmoil.

Reportedly, on Thursday PM Modi chaired a high-level meeting with all the cabinet ministers and opposition leaders to improve India’s ranking in World’s Happiness Index. Sources suggest that all the leaders have unanimously agreed to create situations like in Ukraine and Pakistan.

Government is likely to default on World Bank loans and also actively involve its army against China and Pakistan to bring a war like situation similar to Ukraine. Government has also decided to stop its free ration scheme for over 25 crore family and thus create situation similar to Pakistan.

To default on loan and create bank collapse, government is mulling over Raghuram Rajan as economic advisor with a team of wokes. Details awaited.

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