In response to the news of the Pakistan army training its Cricket team, ICC introduces a new rule: “No surrendering mid-match”

Big news is coming from the ICC headquarters in Dubai, where the International Cricket Council has introduced a new rule after learning that the Pakistan army is training its cricket team.

According to the new rule no team is allowed to surrender mid-match, which Pakistan might do after being trained by its army.

The Pakistan army, known for its history of surrender in wars, notably in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 where 93,000 soldiers surrendered to India, has led many defense experts to believe that the Pakistani army’s surrendering techniques are the best in the world. The reason why many countries invite them to participate in joint military exercises where they teach them “how to fight” while the Pakistani army trains them in surrender tactics.

Speaking to The Fauxy, an army spokesperson said, “Cricket training is just an excuse; we don’t want to repeat the Imran Khan fiasco. That’s why we’re trying to influence them from a young age so that if any of them becomes the Prime Minister, he remains completely under our control.”

Satellite images reveal that due to the army’s lack of cricket knowledge, they are training the batsmen with AK47s while the bowlers are being trained with hand grenades. Seeing this, the USA, which is the host country of the T20 World Cup, has increased its security measures, as it also doesn’t want to repeat the 9/11 fiasco.

This news has made Obtaining US visa for Pakistani Team even harder, which was already hard for them to get due to their inability to speak English.

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