Breaking: BCCI Launches Divorce Insurance for Its Players

Big news is coming from the BCCI headquarters. Following the recent divorce settlement between Hardik Pandya and his wife, Natasha Stankovic, where Pandya lost 70% of his property, the BCCI has launched divorce insurance for its players.

After the divorces of Dinesh Karthik, Mohammad Shami, and Shikhar Dhawan, Hardik Pandya’s split was the final straw for the BCCI. From now on, every Indian team cricket player will be required to take this divorce insurance, so that in the event of a divorce, it will be settled with the insurance money.

Not only this, but after Dinesh Karthik’s affair with his teammate Murali Vijay and online rumors about Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife and Shreyas Iyer, every player will also have to sign a contract stating that they will stay away from their teammate’s wives.

Speaking to The Fauxy, BCCI President Jay Shah said, “Gone are the days when marriage was like a test match; it’s the time of T20 cricket. The insurance is like the Third Umpire; it will make sure that our players don’t lose their property unfairly.”

Currently, the BCCI is collaborating with Dream11 to add a feature in their app where fans will be able to bet on which player will get divorced next.

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