Gym Trainer Starts Keeping Money in Whey Container After Reading News — ‘Rupee Weakening’

On Wednesday, the rupee further weakened breaching the 83 per dollar mark for the first time, amid hefty dollar demand from fuel companies and because the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) intervened less aggressively.

Rupee weakening against dollar has been concerning many people except Finance Minister, RBI Governor and economic experts.

The government has been taking several steps to control the rupee weakening, but none of the steps seems working. As a result a gym trainer has devised a plan to control the rupee weakening.

Revealing his idea on microblogging site, Twitter, the gym trainer said that rupee is not getting its daily protein and hence its weakening. Marking Financing Minister and RBI Governor on his tweets, the gym trainer asked RBI to make — keeping money in Whey Container — mandatory.

The gym trainer has claimed that he has been keeping his money in a whey container and all his currency notes are in good condition and can’t be easily torn.

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