Gujarat police arrests two people for selling chocolate shushi

Japan or the Land of the Rising Sun, has graced the world with its exquisite cuisine. One famous Japanese cuisine which is now making it mark in India is Shushi, fluffy steamed sticky rice, wrapped in seaweed with fish, vegetables and dipped in soy sauce with wasabi and ginger. Sushi, which has a worldwide fan base is loved by many Indians, however, some Indian want it their way and this has led to arrest of two people in Gujarat. Reportedly, on Monday, Gujarat Police arrested two people selling Chocolate Shushi.

A food blogger on Sunday tried a chocolate Shushi and posted about it on his Instagram channel. A chocolate Shushi with grated cheese on it became a viral photo not only in India but also in Japan. PM of Japan, Fumio Kishida wrote a letter to PM Modi complaining about Japan’s culture being attacked. Fumio Kishida also wrote how Japan respect their Chicken Tikka and doesn’t do any experiment with it. This is a very rare case where a cuisine has led to a diplomatic crisis between two friendly nations.

Japan’s PM’s letter were taken with all seriousness and PMO informed the Gujarat CM that led to arrest of two people who started the trend of Chocolate Shushi. Upon interrogation, one of the accused confessed it was him only who discovered Fanta Maggi, Chocolate maggi and oreo maggi. Both the accuses will be presented to food court on Wednesday.

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