Govt To Replace Rahul Gandhi’s Security Personnel With Farmers

On Sunday, Ex-Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said “If India’s weavers, farmers and labourers were strengthened then China would not dare enter India”. Rahul Gandhi totally undermined the capability of armed forces and insulted them. The video of Rahul Gandhi saying the above sentence went viral on social media after which Modi government decided to replace Rahul Gandhi’s security personnel with weavers, farmers and labourers.

“Rahul Gandhi will be given option to choose farmers, weavers and labourers of his choice, if he can’t trust Indian forces and doubt their capability then he must choose right people” said a BJP Leader.

Although Farmers, Labourers & weavers union have agreed to provide security but they have demanded special protective equipment like earmuffs to protect them from Rahul Gandhi’s speeches.

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