Girl Tweets To The Railway Minister After Guys In Her Coach Didn’t Give Her Enough Attention

One department that has certainly witnessed development under Modi government is Railways. Whether it’s about passengers’ security or using the recent technology, Indian Railways has shown promptness. Railways have effectively used social media, majorly Twitter as a convenient tool to address passenger issues even while travelling. The department has ensured that the security and safety of passengers are taken care of irrespective of time.

Recently, a girl devoid of attention tweeted to the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal after 4-5 boys in her coach totally ignored her presence and gave no attention to her.

The girl in her tweet said:

“I am travelling in train no 12952 to Mumbai in coach A2. Seat no 14,15,16 and 17 are occupied by guys, possibly mechanical engineers.

They are giving me no attention, I am feeling bad.

Isn’t ignoring a pretty girl like me a crime?

@RailMinIndia @PiyushGoyal”

Soon after her tweet, Railways marked her tweet to the concerned authorities and the DRM Mumbai sent two really pretty girls to the same coach so that the girl doesn’t feel ignored any more. These two girls were given seats next to the girl and were asked to discuss beauty products and Bollywood gossip.

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