Gigi Hadid Stole Red Carpet for her Met Gala Costume

Met gala which is also called as fashion’s biggest night out has started in New York. American model Gigi Hadid appeared for it by stealing the red carpet of the function.


Being a supermodel I don’t believe in repeating the same dress, as I had to walk for Red carpet at Met Gala and ran out of ideas to appear different than others. I picked up the things nearest to me and wore it” told Gigi Hadid to The Fauxy.


Met Gala which is known to ban celebrities for slightest criticism is happy to see her promoting their carpet with her out of box ideas. Elon Musk too graced the occasion with his mother and  weird faces, making Tesla share drop by almost 10%.


Met Gala event manager spoke to The Fauxy and said  “Gala is all about innovation in costume, where you put your creativity and present yourself in the front of the cameras. However to ensure smooth fucntioning of the event, we have decided to put bedsheets, pillows, curtains etc outside the venue

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