“Ghost Of The Second Pilot Haunts Us!” say, Pakistani Villagers

“Ghost Of The Second Pilot Haunts Us!” say, Pakistani Villagers

To avenge Pulwama attack, the IAF conducted Air Strikes on Pakistan and dropped bombs on various Jaish-e-Mohammad centres including its control centre at Balakot. It was an act against terrorism, however, Pakistan stayed in denial mode and termed it as a war-like situation. The very next day, Pakistan responded by using its Air Force to target military installations on the Indian side.

During this air engagement, Wing Commander Abhinandan chased down an F-16 with his Mig-21 and shot it down. Abhinandan fell in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and was taken under custody by Pakistan Army. All this while Pakistan claimed that it has two Indian Pilots under his custody out of which the other one has been hospitalised as he suffered a lot of injuries after local Pakistani villagers beat him up.

Later it was revealed that the second pilot was a Pakistan Air Force Pilot. He succumbed to his injuries a day later. Recently, a few residents of the village where the deceased pilot fell, claimed that the ghost of the second pilot is troubling them.

“I was sleeping when he came and slapped me. I saw him as I see you, but then he disappeared. It’s not just me who’s been beaten up, but there are many such stories and day by day he’s beating up more people. I feel this is karma” said one of the villagers, who was been given first-aid.

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