Gautam Adani to take $10B loan to stay in World’s richest people list

Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani, who stood at the 10th spot on the Forbes Real-time billionaire list for 2023 has now slipped out of the world’s top ten richest persons. Soon after Hindenburg Research report, Adani group witnessed massive decline in their share prices and Gautam Adani too lost over $10 B of net worth. Now there are no Indians in the list of world’s top ten richest people.


To ensure that the world’s top ten richest list has at least an Indian, the Adani Group has decided to take $10B loan from the government. The government is likely to approve the loan. The governments decision to approve the loan was taken after Adani Group covered itself in Nationalism when Hindenburg research accused Adani group of being engaged in a brazen stock manipulation and accounting fraud scheme over the course of decades.


Sources suggest that Adani group is also likely to start a fund raise activity where every citizen can donate to make an Indian the world’s richest man. “During the global recession, India is a bright spot, the world is looking at us with a hope and we must not disappoint the world with not having any Indian in the world’s richest people list” said an economic expert.




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