Food Vlogger Creates Ruckus After Seeing Russian Salad In Buffet

Russia and Ukraine are conflicting in Europe but thanks to the several media channels, the war has also been served right to our dinner plates. The Russia Ukraine crisis has now reached every house and people have taken sides. On Sunday, a food vlogger created ruckus in a restaurant upon seeing Russian salad at the breakfast menu.


The food vlogger called the restaurant manager and asked him to immediately throw the russian salad. The food vlogger claimed that Russia has been doing atrocities on Ukrainian people and entire world is putting sanctions on Russia. “How can your restaurant managers be so ignorant!” she yelled.


The camerman recorded the entire episode and later the food vlogger posted the video on her Instagram and Youtube channels. She was widely appreciated for her act. Most of the comments on her post read ‘You go girl!’.


The food vlogger has now pledged to not use any Russian product and boycott them to whatever extent she can.

The restaurant owner was upset over the whole issue. “She threw the whole salad and moreover she didn’t even pay for her meal” said the restaurant owner.

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